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   Hailed as an “unspeakably heavy quartet (SPACE GALLERY)" Maine band Cadaverette has built a reputation based on the sheer power of their live sets throughout New England since 2015. Cadaverette’s sound is blend of technical, controlled chaos and tension with atmospheric melodic groove.


    Their third full length release, “We are Everything but… Not Anything”, produced by Former drummer Dan Capaldi, mixed by Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studios, and mastered at Gateway Studios is set to be released in fall of 2022. 


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PRESS reviews

Alternative Press Top 20 Metalcore Debut Albums of 2020

The Mainer 3/11/2020

Rad Plaid 1/10/2020

Metal News 8/30/2019

Maximum Rock n Roll issue 417 “ Feb 2018 :

 “Strange Maine strikes again. Hailing from Portland, CADAVERETTE will leave your ass in the fucking dust scratching your head. Technical, yet crushing and heavy. Tight, dissonant hardcore collides with spazzy jazz moments and anthemic metal to create a destructive wall of controlled noise. Their singer Reesa ties it all together with an insane voice that is equal parts black metal town and cathartic growling release of intensity. Pretty nutso and totally great. (GH) (7 song cassette, lyrics included,,"

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